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Ian Chua

Ian holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree from University Putra Malaysia (UPM). He has over 15 years of industry experience with hands-on involvement as a professional IP practitioner including a significant stint in one of Malaysia’s elite IP firm. Ian is a registered patent agent, trademark agent and industrial design agent specializing in IP registration and prosecution, patent drafting, IP management and due diligence, corporate strategy as well as IP worldwide advisory and registration.

Our Services

IP Training

IPAZ offers a wide range of online training courses  (in-house training, professional skills training, educational training, career training and customized intellectual property (IP) management course) in Malaysia, led by a team of professional IP practitioners and approved Training Providers for HRDF. Their unique approach efficiently converts knowledge into enhanced productivity and competitive advantage.  

Patent Services

A patent adds value to the invented product and process of an inventor. However, it must be realised that mere acquiring a patent does not guarantee the commercial success of the said product or process. At Ian IP, we work to ensure our clients achieve high return of investment of research and development.

Trademark Services

 We offer a full spectrum of trademark services ranging from local and worldwide trademark search, trademark application, trademark forensic, trademark due diligence, trademark management, business marketing strategy, prosecution and infringement, refusal and opposition, corporate agreement drafting.

Copyright Services

we provide a full range of copyright services which include the filing of copyright voluntary notification, copyright protection, copyright advisory and consultation, copyright prosecution and enforcement, commercialisation and copyright infringement consultation.

Industrial Design Services

Industrial design law protects the aesthetic aspect of an article. A good industrial design considers not only the aesthetic aspect but also user experience, mechanical functionality, manufacturing process, cost and timeline.

Corporate Drafting

our team has successfully assisted our clients in handling a variety of legal task including the drafting of shareholders agreement, share sale agreement, supply agreement, licensing agreement, franchise agreement, trade secret, non-disclosure agreement, negotiation, settlement and commercial matters.

Know Us Better

Our scope of services which encompasses trademarks, patents, copyright, industrial design, utility innovation, trade secrets and geographical indication include the following:-

IP Pre-Registration Strategy Proposal
IP Corporate And Commercial Agreement
IP Prosecution And Enforcement
IP Due Diligence
IP Portfolio Management
IP Forensics
IP Dispute Resolution
IP Corporate And Commercial Strategy Crafting
IP Valuation
IP Commercialisation
IP Clinic
IP Watch
Trade Secret
IP Registration

Why Choose Ian IP?

High 90% Success Rate

IAN IP has a 90% proven high success rate in assisting clients to achieve worldwide successful intellectual property registrations, whereby our clients’ success translates as our success too.

Precise & Concise

IAN IP provides precise and concise communication and solutions catered towards each of our clients’ individual goals and setbacks to ensure a smooth and successful registration of their intellectual property assets.

One-Stop Centre

IAN IP provides a one stop professional centre which also addresses corporate structure concerns such as intellectual property corporate and commercial services.

Personalised Approach

Each individual client is unique and hence, we specialised in providing tailored and personalised approach for each individual client as we recognise that every client is different. 

Worldwide Connections

IAN IP forges strategic partnerships with like-minded experts internationally to cover the full spectrum of Intellectual Property services to serve and provide our client better. Intellectual Property Applications all over the world .

Importance of Protecting Your IP Assets

Important Revenue Stream
Full & Secure Protection
Marketing & Branding
Security & Loans
It is as Easy as ABC

Important Revenue Stream

In a world of rapid development, globalization, advancement of technology and increase in commercial activities, Intellectual Property assets can be your company’s intangible assets to assist in your business growth in revenue. Such assets can be financially exploited because like physical property, they can be sold, assigned and franchised, amongst many other more dealings.

In case of a business merger or acquisition, registered and protected IP assets can increase the value of your business significantly as well.


Intellectual property can consist of many different areas, from logos and corporate identity to products, services and processes that differentiate your business offering from that of other traders. Depending on individual circumstances, you can use patent, trademark or copyright – all which cover different areas of intellectual property to prevent anyone else from utilising your ideas for their own profit without your written consent.


Your Intellectual Property assets play a crucial role in your business’s marketing and branding strategy. When it comes to successful marketing, it acts as a crucial tool in creating an excellent business image to promote your brand into the market and to ensure that there is no likelihood of confusion among the public.

Coupled with well-planned marketing and branding strategy, intellectual property assets can be seen as an investment in maintaining a company’s competitive advantage and edge in the market.

Security & Loans

The new Trademarks Act 2019 came into force on 27 December 2019 and recognises trademark as an asset in respect of which a security interest may attach, thus allowing a registered trademark to be assigned or to be the subject of a charge in the same way as other personal or movable property.

It is as Easy as ABC

IAN IP has a 90% proven high success rate in assisting clients to achieve worldwide successful intellectual property registrations, whereby our clients’ success translates as our success too.

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